Rouen London Panorama

A | Finnish a streetline view from our archive (see grey marks in our map)
B | Photograph in location and create a streetline view afterwards
C | Work with local photographer and finnish streetline view from provided material

As we are specialized in creating linear multi-perspective images (streetlines), we can help you in visualizing complete street facades even in narrow surroundings like old town streets, no matter if it is several buildings or one long building. We can also apply our technique to other linear structures, interiors, whole walls of murals, all sides of a square, long exhibition walls etc.

City Tunnel Architecture

If you are interested in working with us, contact us via e-mail or phone and start by giving us the following informations:

1 | What kind of object/street would you want us to visualize. Please give us a location and possibly a map location or streetview link.
2 | What kind of usage/license are you interested in with the material (e.g. personal use, a specific one time usage or a general advertisement license etc.)
3 | What is the time frame for the project. Keep in mind that we often have to work for several days in image editing to finnish a streetline view.

Our services often have to be calculated individually based on time frame, location, licenses, dimensions of the visualized objects. We have to communicate with the client about conditions on location and check publicly available image material to evaluate problems with trees, cars, tram cables, weather or even public festivals and fairs that might happen in the location.

Leipzig Architektur Panorama modern Sachsen

Pricing Example (Photography in Location and Streetline creation)

Here we give you a price example for a street of about 200 metres length with no specific complications (like lots of trees, cars etc. in the street).

260€ travel costs (example UK, ask for travel costs to other countries)
490€ minimum editing costs (200 metre stretch)

Full price: 750€ (net)
You will get an individual license package worth 750€ with your preferred components.
Full marketing license: 990€ (net, ask us for details)

License Package Example (750€)
PR magazines, brochures/flyers up to 5.000 copies, press release, business reports, online use (2 years, maximum image size: 500 x 3.000 px), non exclusive license, no sub-licensing

Streetline Creation from Archive: Editing costs start at 290€ (net) depending on dimensions of the chosen street
Photography by local photographer: Editing costs similar as above, but costs for local photographer need to be negotiated (ask us for more info)

Private Projects (ask us for details)

Art Prints: If you want a print of a published streetline view check our print shop page, if you want us to finnish a new streetline view for an art print project, contact us!

Your contact for questions or assignments:

Jörg Dietrich | info [[at]] | 0049 (0) 15228716619

Find example streetlines from the United Kingdom below